In a big and crowded city like Dubai, public transport is well-managed but still not convenient for many people. Expats living in Dubai go towards renting or buying a car to save time that they’ll otherwise spend in an occasional breakdowns or heavy crowds. Since owning a car in Dubai may not be easy for everyone, short-term and long-term car hire Dubai is getting popular.

The average cost of renting a car for 3 months is $2,000-$3,000, but it’s possible to find deals for less than $1,000 per month if you plan ahead. This article will help you decide which option to choose.

The Advantages of Long-Term Car Rentals


Long-term car rentals are more expensive, but they offer a number of benefits that make them worth the cost. For example, you can get a car with unlimited mileage, which is not an option with short-term rentals. Many rental companies provide rental rates and packages that make long-term renting more affordable than day-to-day renting.

Some rental companies require customers to return the car with a full tank of gas. The less you have to return the car, the more money you save on fuel.

Time Saving

Long-term car rental allows you to drive a car for as long as you want without having to worry about the drawbacks of car ownership. You will save time on routine car maintenance and servicing because the rental company typically handles such tasks for you.

In the event of a breakdown or accident, a free replacement car can be provided to ensure that your travels are not disrupted.

Advantages of Short-Term Car Rentals 


Short-term car rentals are cheaper but they come with limitations like limited mileage and limited availability. For those who prefer to drive on an irregular basis, short-term rental is an excellent option. For example, during festive holiday seasons such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, and Christmas, renting a car can come in handy.

It is more convenient to travel with family and friends, providing greater flexibility in terms of schedule and time.

Optional Freedom

Unlike car ownership, which binds you to a single vehicle for an extended period of time, short-term renting allows you to choose and drive from a variety of vehicles. This allows you to try out different car models to see which one best suits your needs and level of comfort.

When you are satisfied, you have the option of switching to long-term car rental with the car model of your choice.

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