Who in this World does not know that Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the World? Having seven different world records, Burj Khalifa is 828 meters high. It is known not only in the World for its height but also for other flanks of this building that includes the longest elevator in the World and beautiful scenes of the whole of Dubai city. This is the only building that can be seen at a distance of 95 kilometers. Burj Khalifa hotels are the top hotels in Dubai.

It also has the record of being the World’s highest hotel in the World. These and many other things make it stand out. 

Sunset in Dubai

When you visit Burj Khalifa, Dubai, you can see the sunset twice. Once it can be seen on the first floor and the second time, you can go to the highest bed to watch the evening again. Burj Khalifa is the only building that enables you to do so. It can be regarded as an attribute of Burj Khalifa as well. 

LED Show

At Burj Khalifa, they play videos of celebrities, product advertisements, and other loveable videos. People around the World come here to see the night show. Brand companies pay a lot of money to get their advertisement played here because it is the best place to advertise any product. Many times LED show videos have become trending. 

Cost per Night

Burj Khalifa cost the owner $1.5 billion and took almost six years to complete. Finally, in October 2010, Burj Khalifa was opened for the first time to the general public. Staying a night at Burj Khalifa is not cheaper. All the hotels here are the World’s leading ones, providing a great environment that is worth it. If you want to stay a night at Burj Khalifa, it will cost you a minimum of $400. However, spending this much money for a night at Burj Khalifa is much more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

Not only is staying inside the Burj Khalifa worth it, but also you can enjoy the view from outside. Although getting inside will be a beautiful experience in your life. Now it has become an iconic building in Dubai, and visiting is worth it.

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